General Information

All exams are offered accompanying the lectures by the responsible lecturers. Grades and Credits are awarded in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The master thesis is issued by the TUM and is supervised by a TUM lecturer in co-supervision with a colleague from one of the partner universities. If required, the thesis work can be carried out in parts or also as a whole at the institute of the co-supervisor.

Upon completion of the master studies 'Horticultural Science' the TUM awards the title 'Master of Science' (M.Sc.). Moreover, students obtain a certificate, which confirms the participation in the program, and also details the names, locations and grades of all completed courses.

Students, which follow a specified curriculum, and obtain credits worth at least 30 ECTS at certain partner university, may, in addition to the master certificate from TUMs, also obtain a diploma of completion from the partner universities. If you are aiming for this option, please discuss it with your student advisor right after starting your studies, since there are several regulatory/administrative hurdles to be considered.


Register for exams either using TUM online or directly with the lecturer.

Master thesis

Form for registration of the Master's Thesis

Form for evaluation of the Master's Thesis

Form for approval of an external Master's Thesis

Please consider the following formal requirements issued by TUM.

Cover sheet for Master's Thesis

These tips may be useful?!: tips and tricks for the thesis

Examination board

The examination board deals with all matters of examinations that are not handled by other persons responsible, as defined in the APSO. Board meetings take place biannually, before the start of terms.

The examination board currently consists of the following members:
Chair: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Poppenberger-Sieberer (deputy: Prof. Dr. Chris-Carolin Schön)
Vice chair: Prof. Dr. Vera Bitsch (deputy: Dr. Markus Gandorfer)
Correspondent: Dr. Ruth Habegger (deputy: Dr. Susanne Steger)
Member: Prof. Dr. Ralph Hückelhoven (deputy: Prof. Dr. Aurelien Tellier)
Member: Dr. Tobias Sieberer (deputy: Dr. Wilfried Rozhon)

The board is supported by:
Christina Duffner (administrative support, correspondence)

Please get in touch with the board with the following matters:

Compensation of disadvantages during studies
Deficiencies in examination procedures
Request for extension of time limits, due to problems in the cause of the studies
Missed application deadlines for exams
Problems during Master's Thesis (requirement of changing the subject, or requests for an extension)

Please send your written requests to Christina Duffner.