Requirements for and modes of application

A qualification for the Master program is given if a Bachelor of Science degree has been completed above average at a university or a technical college (Fachhochschule), in a study program belonging to the Life Sciences, either in Germany or abroad. Such qualifying study programs are for example horticultural sciences, agricultural sciences, environmental sciences, forestry, biology and molecular biotechnology. If this qualification is given students may apply and an admission procedure is initiated. Criteria for acceptance are a profound basic knowledge of the natural sciences, an advanced understanding of the plant sciences, a documented ability to work scientifically and a sufficient knowledge of the English language (a score of at least 6,5 in the IELTS test).

The admission procedure contains an interview (apitude test, for qualified candidates) that intends to determine the qualification for the course beyond the educational qualification (interviews are being held in January/February or June/July resp.). More specifically, the apitude test, intends to determine the qualification of the candidate for the study program and to evaluate if the expectations of the student can be met by the offered contends. Also, it is conceived to provide background information on the contents of the master program and answer other questions that may prevail. More information on admission procedures can also be found here

The master program can be started in either winter (application deadline: 31.05.) or summer term (application deadline: 15.01.). For application the degree certificate of the Bachelor degree is not a prerequisite (it could also be handed in later).

The application is performed online at the Technische Universität München:

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Student advisory service by faculty

If you have questions about the academic contents of the program you may get in touch with:

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Poppenberger
Associate Professorship of Biotechnology in Horticultural Sciences
Liesel-Beckmann-Str. 1
85354 Freising
Email: brigitte.poppenberger[at]
Phone: +49 (0) 8161 712401